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Xingu Mission highly values the support of friends from all around the world. We are truly grateful for your partnership with us. It is your faithful support that enables us to serve in this way.

It is always our intention – and our policy – to use donated funds in accordance with the donor’s stated intention. Donations are promptly put to their their intended use. On occasion there is a brief delay in using the funds as we await either an opportune time or the additional funds necessary to pursue a particular project. On other relatively rare occasions we receive slightly more support for a particular project than is needed. Knowing that our supporters highly value the overall work of Xingu Mission, when those circumstances occur we allocate the excess to another similar project.

You may rest assured that we will never intentionally ask for more support than is needed for a project nor will we arbitrarily reassign income. With leadership from our board of directors, pastoral advisory team and local field directors, our entire missionary team participates in determining how best to utilize our various resources to most effectively accomplish the mission God has entrusted to us.

From the depth of our hearts – thank you for your generous support of Xingu Mission! Our entire team values your partnership as together we seek to make an eternal impact among the people of the Xingu River basin

Here is a list of bases that we have planted in Brazil. Check them out!
Altamira Base
Marabá Base
Pacajá Base
Portel Base

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