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We are here to serve the people of Brazil. We believe that the best way to serve the people of Brazil is to help them discover the love, grace and hope found only in Jesus Christ.

We seek to obey the commandments of Jesus to baptize, disciple and teach about the Kingdom of God. We also see the Kingdom expanding by training leaders and planting churches.

We have been serving the people of the Xingu region for over 15 years. Our operations cover such a large area that we have divided our operations into three regions; Altamira, Portel and Marabá. In the USA we are known as Xingu Mission, and in Canada Xtreme Mercy.

Xingu Mission is a non-denominational, charitable organization.



Planting churches, training leaders, and helping the poor are part of the Xingu Mission DNA.

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Giving, short and long term missions, missionary care, prayer and special projects.

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Updates from our Missionaries

Does God Really Care?

Things felt agitated at the prison this week. There seemed to be an undercurrent of a fight brewing. Eliel felt apprehensive but we carried on as usual. Seven of the guys completed the three-column bible studies. 1) Copy the text out from the bible onto a page. 2) Re-write the story in your own words. […]


  Kruger National Park was incredible. I wouldn’t have even gone if the team did not have it all planned, like a package deal. This national park has been around for about 100 years. The animals are so accustomed to vehicles with people that they hunt, eat, and play as if the vehicles don’t exist. […]

Prayer? How much?

Jefferson and Simone are the pastors at the Mutirão Church in Altamira. Saturday morning 17 leaders showed up at their house to learn about Discovery Groups. We opened the meeting with time for everyone to air questions, criticisms, or what they hoped to get out of the morning. Since all questions were well received this […]

Kid’s Day

Bruna (Ivanildo and Mônica’s 17 year old daughter) and Adriana (red muscle shirt) came to my door looking for balloons, or paint, or something. The Sunday School leader had not shown up, and it was time for the Kid’s Day event to start. I was amazed at their resourcefulness and outer calm as they created […]

October Thanks and Amazon update!

Thank you so much for your prayers for us as we traveled to South Africa to participate in their National Vineyard Conference. Because of cost savings it was a long journey to get there with driving 530 km on very rough dirt roads to get to the Santarem airport, and then traveling another 24 hours […]

Lives Transformed

Hello Everyone! I hope you enjoyed hearing from Ronã last month in our blog. We want to give you all a chance to get to know him, even from afar. We have some great news! We will be traveling to the States in 2018! We will be there from February 19thuntil May 16th. That’s 3 […]

Devine Connections, Hurt by the Church, Cracking Down the Walls

Devine Connections There are times in life when you feel like God is distant, wonder if he’s even aware of your existence and then there are times that you feel like He is orchestrating your every move. Lately, we’ve felt more like we are in the latter experience.  God seems to be connecting us to […]

September 2017 Newsletter

Dear friends and family, Thank you for your prayers and support. They have been greatly appreciated. Denise and I are just over halfway through our time here in the States. We are having a great time! We have met with many people, visited a handful of churches, had friends from Brazil visit us here and […]

It’s a Big Jungle

Recently I had lunch with a friend who has been working for years to launch an aviation ministry in the Amazon. “In my observation the church is working hard at bringing the gospel to the river people of the Amazon Basin who live within one day’s boat ride of the major cities here. And then […]

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