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We are here to serve the people of Brazil. We believe that the best way to serve the people of Brazil is to help them discover the love, grace and hope found only in Jesus Christ.

We seek to obey the commandments of Jesus to baptize, disciple and teach about the Kingdom of God. We also see the Kingdom expanding by training leaders and planting churches.

We have been serving the people of the Xingu region for over 18 years. Our operations cover such a large area that we have divided our operations into several regions; Altamira, João Pessoa, Macapá, Marabá and Portel. In the USA we are known as Xingu Mission, and in Canada Xtreme Mercy.

Xingu Mission is a non-denominational, charitable organization.



Planting churches, training leaders, and helping the poor are part of the Xingu Mission DNA.

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Giving, short and long term missions, missionary care, prayer and special projects.

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Learn more about our Missionaries, regions, offices outside Brazil and accountability.

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Updates from our Missionaries

Merry CHRISTmas from the Amazon!

One of the big highlights this last month was having a short term mission team come from Columbus Vineyard.  It is such a treat to have our friends come to work alongside us to reach the people of Brazil.  A majority of the members had been here the year previously.  This is a blessing because […]

December 2017 Newsletter

​ Dear Friends and Family, Thank you for your prayers and support. They have been greatly appreciated. Denise and I have been back in Brazil for almost 2 months now and it has been a whirlwind of activity. We wanted to take a minute to catch everyone up on what’s been going on here! We […]

Happy Thanksgiving from the Amazon!!!

Happy Thanksgiving.  One thing for sure is that we are so thankful for you and to God for bringing you into our lives.  You are a blessing, and we are very grateful that you are on our team as we continue to do the good work that the Lord has lead you and us to […]

Home For The Holidays, Beach Church and Film Crew

We’ll Be Home For Christmas! We Are Dreaming of a White Christmas! We are coming to Ontario for Christmas!  Now that our kids are in school, furloughs will need to line up with our kids’ school holidays, and in Brazil the school year ends in December.   We are cold just thinking about it and […]

Celebration Supper

Fabio and Geice are group people. When I picked them up to come over for pizza and baked potatoes we drove around and picked up other family and friends, and even a neighbour kid who was standing in his driveway and watching them get into our car. Like my mom says, “You can’t have a party […]

Springtime in Johannesburg

South Africa appears more violent than Brazil. I don’t know about this statistically but I observed a whole different level of property protection. The Bible School where we had the AVLN conference was surrounded by two fences, about half a meter apart. The outside fence is chain-link with razor-wire at the top. The inside fence […]

Bergen Family

Dad had chest pains last Sunday morning. The ambulance showed up in 5 minutes, and he spent much of the week in the hospital. Thankfully he is home again and doing well. Emma, Via, Anni, and Bella in church Sunday morning. My cousin sent me this candid photo. Powered by WPeMatico

Church Planting Lessons

Ghibeau is the editor of a peer-learning community of people who are launching Disciple Making Movements. They define a Disciple Making Movement as a group who are planting 100 new churches every 2-3 years, with groups starting groups down to at least 4 generations. We met for lunch with Ghibeau while we were in […]

Overcoming Fear

Hi everybody, this is Ronã. I’m very excited to meet all of you next year. Yeah! That’s right, we are going to America in February! That’s awesome! Until then, I want to talk about one challenge I’m overcoming during this time—The fear of evangelism. Don’t misunderstand. It’s not that I am ashamed of Christ. It’s […]

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