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We are here to serve the people of Brazil. We believe that the best way to serve the people of Brazil is to help them discover the love, grace and hope found only in Jesus Christ.

We seek to obey the commandments of Jesus to baptize, disciple and teach about the Kingdom of God. We also see the Kingdom expanding by training leaders and planting churches.

We have been serving the people of the Xingu region for over 15 years. Our operations cover such a large area that we have divided our operations into three regions; Altamira, Portel and Marabá. In the USA we are known as Xingu Mission, and in Canada Xtreme Mercy.

Xingu Mission is a non-denominational, charitable organization.



Planting churches, training leaders, and helping the poor are part of the Xingu Mission DNA.

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Giving, short and long term missions, missionary care, prayer and special projects.

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Updates from our Missionaries

No Going Back

Do you remember those paintings, the ones that just look like a bunch of blotches but hidden within is a three-dimensional image? When they first came out I thought it was ridiculous and that anyone who said they saw a soaring eagle or a skyline of New York city was either lying to themselves and […]

A Video Update

Our ministries here are in full swing, kids are in school and days are full.  I find I’m without the time to let my fingers fly on the keyboard the way I would like to these days.  Saying that, we don’t want to leave our followers and supporters thinking we have sailed down river never […]

Take time for God

A healthy spiritual discipline is to sit quietly, with all our electronics off, to think about who and what is around us, and to wonder about God’s hand in it all. Bella Bergen 2015

Church Last Week

Our church has a new enthusiasm since the Cristoval event. One of the powerful things that happened during this event was when Art and Cyndi Rae spoke to the young people. Even now, a month later, people are changing. Deanna preaches at Igreja da Vinha in Marabá.


Our friend has a loader, so he came and worked for us for a few hours last week. As we get opportunities we make improvements to our property. In this case we have a pond in our field. We look forward to the day when this is part of a training and retreat center. When […]

Puzzling Reflections

I was at the neighbours this week, and the news was on. “This guy did this. Then this person did that.” While these might be the facts, they are not the whole story. Paul says that we see through a glass dimly. It is like we are looking in a mirror, and trying to discern what […]

Marabá Leadership Team

This photo of the Marabá leadership team was taken while Deanna was in Canada last Fall. We are very grateful that her health continues to be good. In the meantime, we posted this leadership photo on the new Mission Website (thanks to Steve Dolan). We’ll retake the Maraba Leadership Team photo when Deanna gets here, so […]

The Leader’s of Tomorrow

I just had coffee with a young fellow who was quite involved here for years, but had disappeared. “I had to get out of here before I ended up shot or in jail.” Then he started telling me of the sad stories of several young fellows his age, and the terrible experiences of friends who […]

Photos from our yard.

Emma took these photos around our house. But let me reveal to you a wonderful secret. We will not all die, but we will all be transformed! 1 Corinthians 15:51 NIV Butterflies and moths are a clear example of how one creation can be transformed into something completely different. Go to Source

Pumpkin Pie

Bella and I have figured out how to make great pumpkin pies. My part is to buy the pumpkin, build a fire in the outside clay oven, and put the whole pumpkin in there. After a few hours, you can stick a fork in it anywhere. It is all soft. Then Bella scoops it out, […]

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