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Leadership Training

Leaders worshiping together at our Training Center

Leaders worshiping together at our Training Center

Leadership training is not only about the transfer of knowledge, it is about the transfer of life. And that is what we work to focus on and see happen on a regular basis. We place a large emphasis on training in our mission. We meet one day every month with our key pastors at one of our towns. (The meeting place moves from town to town.)
Every three months we all gather at a centrally located camp along the Xingu River for three days of concentrated teaching and fellowship.
Most of our churches do their local training through family groups and Sunday School at church. We are planning to start a Bible School for those believer’s who would like to learn more. Our actual church-planters go through more of a mentoring type of training, one on one with follow-up and accountability. This program is also in the developmental stage.

Please pray for us, that we’ll know how to “make disciples” and “teach all things…” as Jesus commanded us to.

River ministry in Maribel, Pará – Brazil. Sharing the Gospel and training leaders